It’s a hard life: The rapidly ageing MP for Barnsley East

The strains of public office have taken their toll on many a man.

Remember how Blair greyed; his once youthful, grinning face wrinkling  in the heat of coal-face politics. Holding the jenga coalition together, shiny Dave Cameron has followed suit and sagged. Even the political Peter Pan Barack Obama suffered ‘silvering’; ageing prematurely under stress.

But now, news reaches Uncut of an extreme case. The first of the class of 2010 has been hit by the phenomenon.

New MP for Barnsley East, Michael Dugher, was previously known for his boyish good looks. Even after his pit-town upbringing, there wasn’t a crow’s foot in sight. Here is a snap of fresh-faced, dewey-eyed Dugher in all his pre-election glory:

And here he is, sporting a glamorous centre-parting in the reasonably priced £55 Times Guide to the House of Commons 2010:

Poor boy.

(Note to Times guide researchers, if you got confused by the 9th April post; Michael is the one on the left. The one whose picture is plastered all over the rest of the site.)

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  1. Stuart says:

    The same Times guide refers to Nick Herbert as “a prominent homosexual”. Is this written by someone in a 1960s time warp?

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