Friday News Review

The campaign crosses the border

“The Shadow Energy Secretary, who today begins a three-day tour of Scotland with a visit to Govan shipyard, is said by his camp to have secured most first-preference votes among Labour MSPs and is doing “particularly well” on second preferences among Scottish Labour MPs.  A source close to Ed Miliband told The Herald: “We are not taking anything for granted but are encouraged by the response among Scottish parliamentarians. We’re confident that, by the time people vote, Ed will have majority support in Scotland.” – The Herald Scotland

“Ed Balls explaining why he thought he was not doing as well as his opponents north of the Border: “It’s partly having had an English portfolio. It’s partly through people thinking to themselves we need to move beyond Gordon Brown and I started off as being the person three months ago who was closest to him.” – The Herald Scotland

The Philip Green agenda

“Sir Philip has been hired to advise on Whitehall efficiency. His wife Tina is a Monaco resident and as owner of Arcadia received a £1.2bn dividend in 2005 on which UK tax did not have to be paid.  Alastair Campbell, the former Downing Street spin doctor, said the deficit would already be smaller if billionaires paid the same amount of tax as everyone else.” – The FT

Prescott’s pitch

“I want to improve local, regional and national campaign activity, lead on membership drives and fundraising, have a tighter hold on the party’s finances and represent Labour in future discussions on political funding.  The party treasurer should share the burden and support the general secretary by being strong enough to stand up to future leaders and make the case for campaigning within our means.” – John Prescott, The Guardian

Kennedy defection?

“Westminster sources claim that the former leader of the Liberal Democrats, Charles Kennedy, has been discussing defecting to the Labour Party, with four or five Liberal Democrat colleagues. The reports have been confirmed by three separate sources, including one close to Ed Miliband’s Labour leadership campaign.  Kennedy, along with others are believed to be planning some announcement towards the end of the month of August.” – Mark Seddon,

In a spin

“Yasmin Qureshi had been elected as a member of parliament for Bolton South East only four days before she was stopped by police in May. Bolton Magistrates’ Court heard. The 47-year-old Labour MP, who was not in court, was also fined £1,250.” – The Mirror

#idontagreewithnick either

“Just in case you missed this video.  Nick Clegg is visiting a children’s centre in Shepherd’s Bush only for it to emerge that the project is threatened by the government’s own spending cuts.” – BBC London

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