Tory MP gets £4,000 pocket money a month from his Dad (for 8 hours work)

Uncut’s favourite Tory backbencher, Chris Kelly, is bringing in an extra £2- 4k a month on top of his MP’s salary for doing just 8 hours work for his Dad’s haulage company.

Mr Kelly, 32, who is listed as a “non-executive director” on the company’s website registered the payments in members’ interests as:

Salary payment of £4,166 gross for May 2010. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 21 July 2010)

Salary payment of £4,166 gross for June 2010. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 21 July 2010)

Salary payment of £2.083.84 gross for July 2010. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 25 August 2010)

Salary payment of £2,083.84 gross for August 2010. Hours: 8 hrs. (Registered 25 August 2010)

Earlier this year David Cameron clamped down on Tory front benchers’ second jobs, ordering them to give them up, but it hasn’t stopped the Tory back bencher from pulling in a pro rata salary of over £20,000 a week.

As well as a biography and press release about young Chris, the company website also has pictures of him with Tory grandees including David Cameron, John Major and Maggie Thatcher.

He is as bright as a button. We’ve already heard about his extensive knowledge of chickens, so perhaps that’s why he’s worth over £500 an hour? It makes it even more remarkable that he needed to email other Tory MPs begging them to find a job for his sister.

HT goes to the Mail on Sunday who note: A perfect slogan for Tory MPs: We’re all (rolling) in it together.

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14 Responses to “Tory MP gets £4,000 pocket money a month from his Dad (for 8 hours work)”

  1. Sophie says:

    Thank goodness there are no tawdry Labour millionaires on the front bench who use public money & syphon it off to their family members.

    And it is a good job all Labour MPs kept their snouts out of the trough during that expenses scandal thingy.

  2. Matt says:

    And why shouldn’t his Dad give him some money if he happens to own a company? Which he (I presume) built up himself therefore (I presume) creating a load of jobs in the process. This piece just comes across as envious of someone being successful. If it was a publicly quoted company you might just have a point.

  3. FTP Topcliff says:

    I don’t understand. Father gives son money. Son pays tax on money. What is objectionable in that chain of events? It’s a family firm so no shareholders are being ripped off.

    Yeah Kelly is lucky. So?

  4. RogerT says:

    So what, Gordon Brown gets his full MP’s salary for doing practically nothing !

    And you display a typical Labour understanding of tax – if those sums were left in the haulage company they’d be taxed at a much lower rate than as a salary with NI and higher rate income tax.

  5. Namechanger says:

    Straw clutching.

  6. Jim says:

    RogerT is spot on. You should be asking Mr Kelly snr to pay out more of his profits as wages, as that results in more tax revenue to HMRC. If they left that cash in the business they’d pay only 20 something % on it. Plus if they bought a new lorry for £50 grand instead they’d pay nothing as you get 100% capital allowances on up to £100 grand at the moment.

  7. Alex says:

    £500 an hour. Thats not much. I get £750 an hour and I know a few people on over £900 an hour. What’s your problem? Can’t get anyone to pay you that much.

  8. danofkent says:

    This one should have been filed with a “who cares” tag.

  9. George Anderton says:

    At least it is not costing we taxpayers anything. I cannot for the life of understand what you find wrong with this. turn your attention to those thieving MPs who are taking and have taken every penny they can get out of the system whether legitimately or otherwise. And while you are at it give us a comment on how a certain ex PM can have the cheek to take his MP’s salary for staying at home writing his memoirs.

  10. libertarian says:

    What a tight wad, if my Dad only offered me that piddling little I’d tell him where to go

  11. Dan says:

    Yawn. Where’s the story? Seriously can’t you expose some dodgy MPs using their contacts to line their pockets with public money?

  12. Frank says:

    hehe you’re weak.

  13. Silent Hunter says:


    “…Seriously can’t you expose some dodgy MPs using their contacts to line their pockets with public money?…”

    Well said; only it would be a bit tricky for this Labour supporting blog to do that, since the majority of expenses troughers all turned out to be members of the Labour Party. LOL

    A w k w a r d .

  14. Silent Hunter says:

    Oh right, sorry I forgot . . . all the Labour blogs censor comments first, in the interests of Free Speech, presumably. lol

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