Time for policy in the pub with the Guardian’s Michael White

How is your conference going? Seen the speeches? Bit on the long side sometimes aren’t they.

Here’s the antidote: policy in the pub. Pragmatic Radicalism are bringing their unique version of a policy slam to Labour conference. The format is simple: 20 speakers have just 90 seconds to speak on a policy proposal of their choice, followed by two  minutes of Q&A.

At the end of the session there is a vote for the top policy, prizes and the winner will go on to set out their idea in all it’s glory in an article right here, in the hallowed pixels of Labour Uncut.

Yes, wow indeed.

The fun kicks off at 6pm at the Lass O’Gowrie pub 36 Charles Street, Manchester M1 7DB with  Michael White, assistant editor of the Guardian, in the chair, keeping the show on the road. Last year this was one of the best attended fringes at conference so get there early.

Policy, Michael White and a pub: what’s not to like?

See you at the Lass.

One Response to “Time for policy in the pub with the Guardian’s Michael White”

  1. JJ says:

    Whats not to like..?

    Well despite Labours 2005 Manifesto commitment, I cant have a smoke while I’m in there.

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