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  1. crockhamtown says:

    If not Harriet what about her husband Jack Dromey.

    He spoke extremely powerfully during the election; he had just thr right tone.

  2. graham p malpas says:

    Dromey’s post-election interview in which he said that the coumtry did not want a Tory government was reminiscent of Goebbels at his very best.he came over as a particularly unpleasant individual.

  3. SANDRA says:

    I read the rather gloomy article by Dan Hodges
    I have this strange feeling that this was the sort of torment that Tony Blair suffered from back in the nineties after 18 years “in the wilderness”. He started to believe that labour policies would be unpopular, when in fact it was Thatchers’ neoliberalism that people hated, just as they do now under the even more neoliberal Cameron and co.
    The tragedy for Blair was that he became a neoliberal himself, and embraced the banks and the tax havens. Tax avoidance has become so rife (look at Boots, Virgin, kraft, BP and many more paying no corporation tax. Read books by Nicholas Shaxson and Richard Murphy).
    Labour have a difficult challenge in improving tax receipts so that services can be maintained, other wise deficits or cuts will be the norm. (That is, if they want to be labour and not blue labour). If the extremely wealthy can be made to contribute more, it might be possible not to have such high taxes for the middle classes. I have seen graphs showing that the middle classes income has fallen but the tax avoiding wealthy have seen theirs increase. I have heard Ed Miliband say to Andrew Marr that the deficit is partly due to lower tax receipts.
    I think we need to be a little more optimistic because after many years of having a neoliberal apologist as a leader, changing course now requires a lot of thought about how to deal with the problems and how to present the policies so that the media doesn’t do what you are doing now, thinking that instead of having a more just economic system, we are in for a high tax red revolution.

  4. PaulEast says:

    I was wishing that I hadn’t clicked on this link until I read Sandra’s perceptive comment.
    Some years ago, I sadly concluded that, for a certain type of individual, poitics now is no different from the court of an absolute monarch. By that I mean that their only real interest is “who is in and who is out” and their own precious part in it. This is one of the aspects that, fascinating as it is for creeps, turns off most people who just want to make our society a fairer, safer and mor prosperous one.
    I have no idea who will be Labour Party Leader in, say, 2020 but it seems to me that the only task worth bothering with is to help the current leader’s period of office contribute to the above aims. A good reminder can be found in Peter Hennessy’s book “Never Again” which points out that many of Clement Attlee’s Labour contemporaries were contemptuous at the time of someone who remains a hero today. But then Clem’s key virtue was that he thought the programme was more important than himself.
    I’d like to hear a little more of that and less preening among the courtiers.

  5. Brian says:

    You are more eloquent than me and it shows in the way you said what I was trying so badly to say.

    Someone who BELIEVES in something that is bigger and greater than himself.

    Well said

  6. Mark says:

    We have a two party system here in the UK. Each one takes it in turn to destroy the economy. Labour tax & spend till there is a whopping deficit, but take no responsibility for their actions and what is worse – they are unaccuntable!!!

    Then the Tories/Lib Dems or Coalition has to pick up the pieces and correct the imbalance in the economy – the sad thing is, it is the 29m taxpayers who pick up the bill, while the MP’s, Lords and Civil Servants look after themselves, as usual.
    Not me gov twas someone else who bought us to this.

  7. Ray Harris says:

    Today’s Guardian article on the extent of homelessness typifies the problem we have as a Party after New Labour in re-connecting with our roots. We failed in 13 years of government to tackle the need for social housing post Thatcherism sale of council houses and blocked councils from using accumulated capital receipts from such sales to build new homes. Our esteemed Leader needs to clarify what the policy of any new Labour government is on the issue of council house building. No more hiding behind the spurious assertion that council’s have to separate their strategic housing policy from housing management as, to his shame, Prescott fronted – where are the present and future homes for our people? Why were councils prevented from using capital receipts to provide more homes? A future Labour government needs to address this – urgently!

  8. Tom Donaldson says:

    I am very annoyed and concerned at Dan Hedges smug style in dismissing the camp at St Pauls. What arogance and smug retorts that what you do is more impoortant and better than what these camprers are doing. Yiou have now aided the established forces who want to vlose it down and yoyur araogant and dismissive retorts to Naomi who maybe naieve in the defacto that what they are doing wiull bring down this corrupt system, but the left should have their differences between themselves and not allow the real enemy any ccarte blanche for closing down the camp which you dismissed totally on C4 tonite. YOu came over smuh and arogant and self imporyant where she Naomi came over genuine and at least attempting to bring to a wider public the issues of this corrupt system. Interestingly I had heard of uncut but not Labour uncut and more peole are aware of this camp and Uncut and if you are the same group that invaded and had a sit in in that rich branch attached to Primark that do not pay taxes then you are doing a goofd job but do not ever try and destroy other attempts as being insignificant as that is how you came over disgusting really disgusting and I have been involved in politics for over 40 years and you were bloody awadul in your actions and if there are any firced moveds of thios camp you deserve to be kicked out of campaigning -absolute bullshiyt you were ands are

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  13. Ray says:

    David Cameron made a statement during the last general election that the NHS would never be privatised in his lifetime. So why has he let hospitals use Virgin to run a A & E department in a hospital in London and manage Re- Hab units in Lancashire and let Viva buses manage patient transport in Lancashire .

    Is this not privatisation via the back door…?..also more people are losing jobs through local councils cutting there employees requirement because of being forced by this Governments cut backs. To save millions . What is happening is that services are being cut to the bone and people are suffering because of Cameron’s and Osbourne’s dogmatic attitude. they cannot know the truth if it hit them.
    So when Cameron says we are doing better now . He means he is filling the pockets of the rich and keeping the pore , pore.
    Cameron when on Television tonight and said he has saved fuel prices going up by a few pence per litre on petrol. But he fails to tell you his making the difference up with diesel prices.

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