New MPs’ open letter endorsing David Miliband

Why we are voting for David Miliband

As new MPs, we have thought long and hard about who should be our first preference in the leadership ballot. We are voting for David Miliband because we have been inspired by his campaign and the way he represents the change our party needs to win again.

Most of all, we want to give Labour the best chance possible of returning to government quickly rather than slipping back into being a party of perpetual opposition that is powerless to tackle injustice.

We believe David is the most credible leader to take on David Cameron and become the next Labour prime minister.

We are very proud that we have been given the chance to represent our constituencies, but are deeply anxious about the damage that will be done to them by the new government unless we can convince people that Labour is a genuine and effective alternative.

Some of us were children through Margaret Thatcher’s government, some of us will admit to being a little older. But all of us represent constituencies and people who still remember some of the things that the last Conservative government got so wrong as we spent 18 years in the wilderness.

We are determined to stop that happening again and we think that David has best understood how we must regain the trust of those who have turned away from us. That not only must we re-energise our supporters and shape a new movement together, we must also reach out to the whole country and never be satisfied with simply talking to ourselves.

That is why we are voting for David, and we urge you to do the same.

Rushanara Ali MP

Jenny Chapman MP

Stella Creasy MP

Alex Cunningham MP

Nic Dakin MP

Simon Danczuk MP

Gloria De Piero MP

Gemma Doyle MP

Julie Elliott MP

Chris Evans MP

Pat Glass MP

Mary Glindon MP

Tristram Hunt MP

Liz Kendall MP

Michael McCann MP

Greg McClymont MP

Alison McGovern MP

Ian Mearns MP

Ian Murray MP

Pamela Nash MP

Fiona O’Donnell MP

Toby Perkins MP

Bridget Phillipson MP

Yasmin Qureshi MP

Jonathan Reynolds MP

Anas Sarwar MP

Nick Smith MP

Valerie Vaz MP

John Woodcock MP

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4 Responses to “New MPs’ open letter endorsing David Miliband”

  1. Very sensible thing to do. The electorate voted for you and you are doing the right thing, if Ed milliband is elected by unions with no public support then it’s labour R.I.P

  2. oldpolitics says:

    Are there any new names on this list?

  3. @epictrader says:

    Almost 50/50 split there between new male and female MP’s in support of David Miliband. I think he is saying all the right things in relation to that very important issue also – as borne out above. Male dominated parliament and Government is not good for the country and has never been representative of the population and must surely end.


  4. Clem the Gem says:

    Well, everyone is entitled to their opinion, and to vote accordingly. However, I still do not think David M has the ability to think outside the “New Labour” box. Remember that we lost more votes from 2001 to 2005 than we did from 2005 to 2010.
    David brings with him the danger that he will be seen as as a Blair re-tread.

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