Shadow cabinet “vote for me” letters

The shadow cabinet race is well under way, and a welcome distraction from the leadership contest. The decisions have been made and confirmed. The nominations must be in by Wednesday 29 September and the canvassing has begun.

So far we have seen “vote for me” letters from:

Roberta Blackman-Woods

Kevin Brennan

Chris Bryant

Barry Gardiner

Helen Goodman

Tom Harris

Meg Hillier

Huw Irranca-Davies

Sadiq Khan

Ivan Lewis

We will keep posting over the coming days until we, like Bob,  get tired of them:

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One Response to “Shadow cabinet “vote for me” letters”

  1. Hepp says:

    I’ve heard rumours that Phil Woolas is intending to run for Shadow Cabinet.

    But then I’ve also heard rumours that he is going to have the whip removed for his conduct during his re-election campaign currently being examined in the election courts.

    Is either rumour true?

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